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19 May 2010 @ 05:09 pm
LOJ XIII May Update  
Hey guys! The official May update is out, so now I get to tell you a bunch of exciting new things!

First of all, as those of you on the mailing list found out in April, Brother and Stellamara are coming back this year. Stellamara first appeared last year, while Brother has played for us several times at the Henry Fonda theatre but weren't around last year. Additionally, the League of Steam will be joining us this year.

Now the exciting new bits.

Pre-Show Tickets Still Available

If you've already gotten your show tickets, consider also buying some pre-show tickets (http://www.labyrinthmasquerade.com/preshow.php). The pre-show, for those of you who don't already know, is an hour-ish-long event before the masquerade, each night, that involves a light dinner, special performances in an intimate setting, a champagne toast, and time with Lord Strider and some of the Sypher crew to get a close look at this year's masquerade and some of the inspiration that went into making it. We have more room than usual for the pre-show due to this year's larger venue, so tickets still remain!

Tickets Shipping Soon

We've gotten a lot of questions about when tickets will ship, so we're giving a formal answer - May 25th! Expect most tickets to arrive on or around the first week of June.

A Glimpse into Friday Night

The Goblin Engineer has filled our Court with wonder and light . Since his evolution one year ago, his workshop has grown and new discoveries have filled his days. His fame grows and strange observers now wander into our realms from distant lands and times to experience his marvels.

Even displaced time travelers like the League of Steam have found themselves interacting with this plucky tinkerer, wondering what new contraptions he will build for the Court exclusively for Friday night. A new Court from the misty glades appears within the Masquerade, driven by curiosity to see this strange goblin and his technology.

Meanwhile, the Queen of the Night waits for her gem to be returned. Stolen last year by one of the Sypher Guardsmen and lost in our estranged realms, she prepares her creatures to approach the gates between our worlds.

As I mentioned in my last post, you can become a bigger part of the story by following and interacting with the characters involved, or just watching quietly from the side.

New Room Block at the Omni

Our first block of hotel rooms has already sold out, but we've managed to add more rooms for you, so if you had some trouble obtaining your room at the Omni before, try again now!

Transportation and Parking

If you are staying at the Omni, we will provide free transportation from the hotel to the venue. If you will be driving to the venue yourself, we will also offer valet parking for $10, so you can hand your car off and go have a blast, no hunting for parking spaces necessary!
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